Copyright Infringement

Why do the National Papers take it that they have have rights to use any photo they want to?

After all, you wouldn’t go into PC world, take a laptop, and expect to get away with it would you? No. I didn’t think so.

I’ve just spent the past hour or so looking at different articles online and, to be fair, it’s disgusting the way papers treat photographers. Photographers have to earn a living.

This is the first article I came across:

Now, when I’ve researching different articles, there is one paper in particular who pop up more than anyone else. And quite rightly so, the photographers charge more than they usually would have because the images were used without their knowledge and consent. But to add insult to injury they say they will pay for the images. Oh yes. But a measly £40? You’re one of the top UK papers and you cant afford to pay more than £40? You’re taking the Michael mate!

What people don’t understand is photographers create the photos, they don’t just happen. We have to take the time to compose, make sure costume is right, study the lighting, set up the lighting and I’m not going to start on the countless hours of post-processing. I’d like to see them try and do what we do!!

Next time you have a new bathroom try this with the plumber:

“There we go Mr. Cockerill, I have finished completely installing your bathroom suite. That will be £1070 please. Just address the cheque to the Mario Bros Plumbing LTD”

“£1070? Hmmm. I can only give you £40”

Let’s see how long it takes before you end up in the docks!!

Bugger off!!

I’m hoping to get into this industry, but if there are professional photographers out there who take the utmost care to protect their work against theft, what hope have I got huh??

Well that’s the end of the rant. This really is something that angers me no end! Let me know what you think of this situation? Are you a Togger or have been affected by this? Do you work for the papers? I’m interested to hear both sides of the story!

Answer with a comment below!



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