Creative Stimulation

It’s really annoying me lately how little time I’m getting to shoot. Between working ridiculous hours and trying to get the money to create a business and trying to spend as much time as I can with my better half (which at the moment is also not half as much as I’d like it to be!) is really causing my portfolio to be seriously lacking what it should be by now.

This in return is not doing me any good.

Because I’m not seeing substantial improvement to my portfolio my motivation isn’t exactly sky high. So I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. Maybe that’s what’s causing all these riots. People are fuming that I, for a change, am thinking.

The amount of photographs I’ve looked at online is mind numbing, and most of them tend to look the same. All nicey nicey family portraits and people looking probably nothing like they actually do in real life. After all Photoshop can work miracles! I can understand that this is what some people are after, but these are the images I really don’t like producing. At all. Photoshoots and photographs should be all about fun and about having a laugh. No matter what situation you are in in life, no matter how bad, there is always something you can either laugh about or make fun of. And in my personal opinion this is the direction I will take advantage of.

One of my current favourite photographers is Matthew Coughlin. Matthew is a Graphic designer from Pensacola, Florida. He has, on flickr, one of the most amazing 365 Projects I have ever seen. He has an understanding of light that I am many years away from cracking. But I think what keeps me going back to his project is the fact that all of his photos are fantastically creative. Each photo he uploads is humerous and each one is painfully original and to me, this is what photography is all about, and that’s the direction I want to take. Make people laugh. Take photographs that they look at years to come and think back “Yes. That day was amazing”

So. What to do, what to do. For now, I have decided that I shall do some free work to build a reputable portfolio. I have a couple if ideas in mind of what I’d like to try and certain shots that I want. But my only problem at the moment is lighting. I have one flashgun (Canon 430EXii) and 3 studio strobes (Jinbei Delicasy…. They sound more like an oriental dish to me!) Now these aren’t the most mobile things in the world so when I’m out in the field I’m restricted to my single flash and my reflectors. I know that you can work wonders with a bit of sunlight and a couple of reflectors but sometimes they don’t give you that punch that you’d get from using flash. But I have to make do with what I’ve got for the time being. In return hopefully these free shoots will get my name out there and more and more people will get to see my name and therefore, hopefully, generate more income. No harm in trying eh?

So that’s about my ramblings going on for now. I know I’m most probably boring you with my constant whining. But I’m a man. I’m allowed! Might go home tonight maybe try another self portrait. If I can’t get anyone to be a subject for me at this time of night then I might as well do it myself!

Right now it’s your turn. If you don’t have much time to shoot what do you do to make time and how would you spend the little tome you have to shoot?

Speak soon people. And I may put some of my final photos up for you later. I do spoil you don’t I!!




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