Tim Butler AKA RundFunk

Last week I had the pleasure of going over to Crewe to take photos of my good friend Tim Butler AKA Rundfunk! The brief was he wanted some photos taken so he can use on his Facebook and Soundcloud profiles as well as other media if needs being!! Biggest moment of the day: My flash taking off down the road with my shoot through brolly. Thankfully my flash is okay but the umbrella is broken to say the least. But nevermind!! I ordered myself a softbox to replace it!! It was good catching up with Tim as I hadn’t seen him for going on 5 years!! I’m telling you one thing folks!! This young man is going to go far!!! I highly recommend you check out his work at:

RundFunk’s Facebook Page

Rundfunk’s Soundcloud Page

He has also been so kind to have made me a little soundtrack to add to my slideshow’s etc!! I’m super excited to show you all!!


Enjoy everyone and seriously, Rundfunk IS a name you will be hearing more of in the future.. I really can’t wait to work with Tim again!